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Pattern and sample making in Los Angeles

Meet Joiluv – your go to for all things fashion creation. We make it easy for designers to navigate the complexities of building a new collection. With years of experience, we handle different fabrics and specialize in sample making and pattern making. Your fashion vision, simplified and brought to life with Joiluv

Pattern Making Services

Clothing pattern development

We take your sketch or idea and, transfer it a pattern that will transition into a seamlessly made sample.

Computerized patterns

Sample / Garment Production

Process from Fabric to Finished

We take a company custom order and process it to mass production.

Mass production
Sampling & fit


Product development

With our expertise in pattern service and garment production, we are confident that we can bring your design to life.

Model fitting

Individuality of your style.

Crafting Unique Patterns

Explore Perfect Patterns with Our Special Services in Los Angeles. Our Team is Passionate About Bringing Your Ideas to Life with Skill and Care.


Karolina Nilov



Noemi Chang

Art Director


Pablo Burrows

First Tailor

Pattern Making
Mass Production

What People Say About Us

Pattern Making Studio
"Working with Joiluv is such a joy! She has a talent for creating amazing patterns, and what's even better is that she consistently delivers on time. It's clear that she's an expert in her field. If you're looking for someone reliable and skilled, I highly recommend working with her."
"What a fantastic experience at Joiluv! From the moment I walked in, the owner and her staff were incredibly friendly, super knowledgeable, and ready to assist in any way possible. It's always great when you feel welcomed and supported, making the whole experience even more enjoyable!"
"She helping create the perfect patterns for my project. Then, she worked her magic to turn them into these amazing prototype samples. I definitely recommend this studio."

Exquisite Designs Crafted by Experts

High Quality

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Pattern and sample making in LA

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